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Florida Construction Staffing

TSCSE Staffing, a subsidiary of TSC Southeast, is a construction staffing company in the Southern Florida area. We provide temporary staffing placement on construction projects to meet the demands and needs of our Clients.

TSCSE Staffing provides you with laborers with all skilled levels, buck hoist operators, safety managers, COVID Screeners and everything in between. Located in the Miami area, we have the labor ready for your next project or the project for our labor team!

TSCSE Staffing provides staffing and skilled labor for the construction industry in Southern Florida. Our staff is fully trained according to OSHA standards. We provide trained semi-skilled and skilled laborers, project managers, carpenters and more. Our team is outfitted with top of the line tools and personal protection equipment. Our team has the oversight and guidance of experienced construction supervisors.

With our roots in construction safety management and equipment, we also provide EMTS and COVID screeners for our customers. These COVID coordinators will help ensure your project crew is healthy while on the jobsite.

Why TSCSE Staffing?

Construction projects often require additional staffing help. Whether you have a small or large project that requires scope work, gap work, or equipment operators, TSC Southeast is ready to assist you. As we navigated the construction industry in Miami, we realized a need for labor staffing support. We have the qualified, highly skilled team to support your construction project.

By choosing TSCSE Staffing as your temporary staffing agency, your business will:

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce payroll costs, workers comp, sick and vacation time, benefits for employees
  • Reduce federal taxes
  • Save on HR Staffing
  • Fill positions quickly
  • Find qualified and skilled workers based on your needs
  • Bilingual staff to help with communication and project management

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