Miami Construction Laborers

We understand the importance of having the right skill level for each trade on the finished project, therefore our construction staffing recruiters employ an unsurpassed screening process to ensure the skills and experience of our construction personnel.


These are the staffing services TSCSE Staffing provides:

Construction Clean Up Crew

TSCSE provides laborers for project clean up in all phases of construction. We have experienced and trained laborers ready to work on your next project. All laborers bring their own PPE, tools and come prepared to take on any tasks.

Punch List

Do you have a construction project that needs minor repairs of completed but defective work? Does your project have uncompleted tasks that the subcontractors did not finish? If so, TSC Southeast can help you get your project completed. We provide punch list services for minor repairs or unfinished tasks. TSC can furnish labor, material, equipment, and supplies required for punch list services on all construction sites.

Construction Staffing

We have skilled personnel available for your onsite needs such as:

  • Carpenter
  • Skilled Laborer
  • Composite Crew
  • Laborer                       
  • Gatekeeper
  • Laborer Foreman 
  • Flagger 
  • Key Runner
  • Buck Hoist Operator

Construction Safety Managers

We can provide safety management staffing for your construction site in Florida. We can provide site safety managers, certified safety professionals, quality control managers, and certified health safety technicians. Our safety management staff are highly qualified and trained in OSHA regulations and have experience with OSHA compliance consulting.

COVID-19 Screeners

We have qualified and trained EMTs or First Responders that can take the employee’s temperature with an infrared thermometer onsite. They will also conduct COVID questionnaires for each employee to determine early COVID symptoms. TSCSE will set up the screening station for all Clients and provide the infrared thermometer, COVID questionnaires, PPE, signage, etc.

Benefits of Working with TSCSE’s Construction Laborers:

  • Our laborers come with their own tools and personal protection equipment.
  • Each team member is willing to work, motivated and prepared to take on tasks, big or small.
  • Our team is trained to OSHA regulations and standards.
  • All skilled laborers meet the latest qualifications for each skill.
  • Experienced construction supervisors overseeing team members.
  • Reduction of payroll costs, federal taxes and HR needs on your end with you partner with us.


Partner with TSCSE Staffing today for all your construction staffing needs. Give us a call today at 786-360-5240 to get started!